Welcome to the Streetwise and Safe online map of the criminal injustice system!

Lots of LGBTQ youth of color find themselves entangled with the law and need more information about where they are in the process, and what to expect in each part of the system. It can feel like a machine that you get sucked into and then you don't know where you are or what's next, what to do and what not to do, or even what happened after you are spit out of it! So we created this map to try to help you figure it out ahead of time or after the fact so that you can better protect your rights and stay streetwise and safe!

THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL LEGAL ADVICE -- YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR LAWYER ABOUT WHAT THE POLICE SAID OR DID TO YOU OR WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN THE PROCESS. This is just supposed to be a guide to help you figure out who did what when and what it means!

A LOT OF THE INFORMATION HERE ONLY APPLIES TO NEW YORK STATE. Criminal laws and procedures are different from state to state. You should definitely double check this information to make sure it is right for the location you are in.

Just click on the tabs to the left to start exploring our map of the criminal injustice system! They will lead you to text, audio, and video about each step in the process to help you figure out what happens, what should happen, and what's next!

We would love to get your feedback -- click here to let us know what you think!!! andrea at streetwiseandsafe